Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Progress on David

Well, I worked on it for awhile tonite, and I think I made good progress. I stabbed my finger about a dozen times, I swear, that little needle hurts like bloody hell. I'm surprised I'm not on the floor bleeding to death, lol. I think I deserve a purple heart, or somthing. I am happy with it.

Changing the subject a bit, I cleaned my little piggies house tonite, then she decided to run under the table and not come out. Little brat. So, guess who had to crawl under the table to get her. Hmm, I wonder...

Hehe, I should'nt complain, we all love her to bits, and wouldn't have it any other way. Hubby works tonite, then has five days off. Yippee!

gl├╝ckliche Jagd
(German for Happy Hunting!)


  1. Nice progress - hope you both enjoy your DH's time off. Happy New Year!

  2. David is looking good. Enjoy the time with your DH, my kids went back to school today (except for DD) and DH goes back to work tomorrow, it's been a good 2wks though.