Saturday, August 15, 2009

Warm soda and a new website

Yea, we have been getting some pretty hot days here, the kind where you open a nice
cold soda, and all of a sudden there is this loud WHOOSHing sound, and you have
warm soda, hehe.
Anyway, we are enduring as best as we can. I lost my tripod site because when we got
firefox, it refused to work after that. Now I have found a site called moonfruit,
it's working nicely for just my little page.

You will find it at

It has my blog addy right at the top, so all you stitchers and swappers can see
just where to go!

Have a cool day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hulk puzzle and guinea pigs

My son and I had fun last night, working on this puzzle. It did not take a long
time, only 100 pcs, but the together time was great.
It was *85 yesterday, and headed that way again today, bummers! We have a good
collection of games & puzzles, so maybe we will spend the day just playing, hehe.
Our little piggy is feeling the heat to, she just lays in her house like a little
fur rag, poor sweetie. I wish they had zippers on their little coats, so they
could take them off when it's so hot, sigh.

More later.