Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots Of News

Doing a happy dance here in my little corner. I am finished with the children's writing course,
it was lots of work & some fun too! I am thinking of taking the advanced program, but for now i am happy.
It's gonna be fun deciding where to hang my diploma, hehe.
I want to also send out a big hug & thanks to these ladies who have sent me packages of wonderful

findings for creating more atc's for swaps too! There is just to much stuff for pictures, my little

computer would have heart failure, hehe.

Fran B
Esmerelda S
Elinor O
And the lady who just put her last name, LaGrange.

You ladies are more then generous!

AND, thank you to Anne C for the great postcard with stamps from malaysia!

Happy creating everyone!