Friday, July 31, 2009

A Fun Day!

Yea, I know, I have not been around lately, but today (and last night),
was lots of fun. (My birthday), and my daughter took me out to eat.
Got some nice things, and cake too.
So, I haven't been doing a whole lot of stitching, have been doing
a little more writing again, and playing around with trading a few stamps
for my book.
I am feeling kind of bad that I haven't been posting for so long, but I
get busy with other things too, my family is one big one.
I love both my kids dearly (how can you not love your kids?) Hehe.
They are the only two that are going to be, and believe me, that's
enough. Can't have any more.
So, anyway, I am so horribly far behind on my stitching that I'll never
catch up. I'm a hopeless starter junkie with a nice pile of wip's.
They are evil, but one day will be defeated.
I actually did get the pins and magnet projects done that I had planned
for june and july, and that is it, sheesh. I am going to make up some of
the little russian dolls into ornaments, the pattern looks so cute.
I also want to plan and do a felt penny rug with some nice colors in it,
sheesh, I am going to drive poor Greg nuts with all this junk laying
around, hehe. I am THE queen of wip's, hehe.
So, besides all that, I actually did some cleaning today, holy crap!
I'm not saying alot, but some, hehe.
Ok, is I think of anything else, i will post.
Happy trails.

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  1. Glad you posted again - just hang on to those WIP's - one day you'll be able to stitch them!